Losing several of your teeth may be a complete nightmare that you wish would end. Other than the string of embarrassments that comes along, these may cause more inconveniences than you can imagine. You may find it hard speak properly without sounding as if you have a lisp. You may even look older than you really are, as your face starts to sag without the teeth for support.

Missing teeth may affect your appearance, self-confidence, and oral health, but you don’t always have to end up with these problems. As premier providers of quality dental care, we offer dentures California as effective and practical ways of providing a new smile you can show to the world.
Restoring the Beauty of Your Smile

California dentures are among the most effective treatments for tooth loss. These act as replacements for those who have lost several or all their natural teeth. Dentures may also help prevent other oral problems, including the following:

  • Bone density loss
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Gum recession
  • Loss of facial structure support

A thorough dental evaluation may be required for a denture procedure. Dr. Chang will conduct a comprehensive examination of your gums and supporting bone structure to develop a treatment plan for your condition. He’ll take accurate impressions of your teeth to make sure the dentures won’t slip off after fitting them.

The entire procedure may take a couple of visits to complete, but we’ll make sure it will be worth the time and effort. Our practice has advanced dental materials to create more comfortable and durable dentures than standard restorations. Dr. Chang may even present a natural choice of colors for your artificial teeth and gums. He may also recommend California dental implants to provide a more stable support for your dentures.

Our dentures may be durable and made from high quality materials, but we always advise patients to take care of them properly. Dr. Chang and his staff are always ready to provide information about proper oral hygiene.

Show Your Smile

Don’t think losing one or more teeth is the end of your smile. Many solutions are available in our clinic to restore your teeth to their best condition. Call our Oceanside dentist to set an appointment