Oceanside Dental Arts provides high quality dental care for all patients. We believe the basis for good oral health is routine dental maintenance. This serves as our motivation in educating patients on proper oral care and providing exceptional service beyond what other practices offer.


Our Oceanside dentist, Dr. Chang, may customize cleanings and treatments for all ages. He spends time developing the most appropriate treatment dental plans in California that will keep your teeth and gums in good condition. He may recommend medicated gels and mouth rinses as preventive measures against decay and gum problems. Dr. Chang also conducts comprehensive dental checkups to identify areas needing immediate attention or other dental services.

Our practice uses ultrasonic scalers so dental cleanings may be as comfortable and effective as possible. If you have any questions about the procedure, one of our staff will be happy to fill you in with the details.


Dr. Chang may also recommend sealants for children’s preventive dental care. Sealants coat the surface of the back teeth (molars) to prevent decay from spreading to other teeth. We use a special cleansing liquid before applying the sealant on the tooth to make sure it will be effective. The procedure may be done in three easy steps, but we strongly recommend subsequent visits and regular consultations for optimal results.

Fluoride Products

We also encourage using fluoride products, especially for those who are at high risk for tooth decay. We make sure patients know about mouth rinses and gels that may protect their teeth from decay and other oral problems.

Continuous Monitoring

Oceanside Dental Arts will stop at nothing until you achieve the smile you want. As part of our commitment to quality dental care, we always monitor every patient’s condition after treatments for better results. Dr. Chang also strives to be always ready to address all concerns and provide advice about proper oral care and dental hygiene.